I own the money or money owns me

I own the money or money owns me

One of the best books that I read is “Rich dad, Poor dad” by Robert T Kiyosaki. This book tries to define the effect of money in our life and business, and clarify the right relation between money and us. Kiyosaki try to explain true position of wealth and money in our life and break the glory of them in readers mind.

In this book that written as a story of child whom has two father, we learn to how our relation with money should be and find out that are we in charge of our money or it’s in other way around?

The first father ,that is his actual father, is well educated man with a proper career, sees life with society logic and rules and define success to be in risk free path of education, job, martial and saving.

In other hand, the second father, which is his friend’s father, is low educated man who owns his business. He doesn’t like a risk free path and define success as accepting right risks to gain the result.

Both of them are intelligent and hard worker and successful in their fields but one of them is always struggling with financial issues and the other is not, one of them inherits millions of dollars for his children and charity and the other inherits debts.

A few days age, something interesting happen to me:

In the way back from work, one of my dear colleges was with me and as always I listened to his 60 years of life experience lessons. He mentioned a sentence from his father (MHRIP): “The money should serve you because you earned it”!

This a sentence from a man who lived about 50 years ago and was illiterate.

This sentence is one of the essences of this book.

When I look around, I don’t see much people whose in charge of their money and wealth. The money (in whatever amount that is) is leading our lives and makes our choices for us.

Why we are in this path considering the information and educations we got?

Today we should admit that our educations was not in the right path and actually turn us from it. We should analyze our self and improve our flaws. Our education changed our path from perfect way to right way and we should step back and correct that.

For better understanding of money and its philosophy I recommend to read the article of “Philosophy of Money” by Alla Sheptun.

“Philosophy of Money”:
ABSTRACT: This article is an attempt to sketch a philosophical view of money as a social phenomenon. I show that the way to understand the substance of money is to analyze its meaning as a medium of exchange in connection with its meaning as a purpose of exchange, thereby providing an investigation of its social value. This approach has been used by many of the great philosophers and economists of the past, but not today. Modern economics is a policy oriented theoretical discipline and concentrates its efforts on solving practical tasks. I hope to contribute a philosophical approach to economic research.

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جولای 30, 2018

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