Hard working, Goal oriented, Enthusiasm and Professionalism are the essence of Reza’s personality,

Reza Saeed Kandezy was born in Natanz, Iran at 1988 .after primary education he achieved rank of 79 between 1200 participating in national university entrance exam (Konkour-E-Sarasari) and accepted in Amirkabir university of technology (Tehran Polytechnic). He finished his Bs in Power Electrical engineering at 2011 with grade of B. After Bs, he achieved rank of 2 in national graduate entrance (Konkour-E-Arshad) and accepted in same university .Contemporary with studying Power Electrical engineering in graduate level, he worked in Electrical Power Industrial Laboratory at positions of Test expert and R&D expert until May 2013 . On Oct 2013 he got his Ms degree with grade of B. From May 2013 to May 2015 he worked as the manager of Smart Electronic System Standard Lab in ACECR- Sharif university of technology branch. He also become chairman of INEC TC-31( agent of IEC TC-31 in Iran ) from Aug 2013 until Apr 2017 .From March 2015 to December 2016, he was the manager of professional education center in ACECR-Amirkabir university of technology branch . In March 2017 he start a senior consulting position at ACECR- Sharif university of technology branch in Smart Electronic System Standard Lab up until October 2017 and since then Reza is working as vice president of Rahgir Shahab CO. and general manager of RSIVO (Rahgir Shahab International Verification Office)

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